And just like that you get tossed into the deep end and have to fend for yourself! This rough, take no prisoners body of water is also known as the dating pool. Once again, you find yourself treading water faster than someone can say adultery or “Dear John” or “It’s not you, it’s me.” In an attempt not to succumb to the undertow (also known as “the lady with 29 cats”), you realize you need to date again, but you are in desperate need of date outfit ideas. You may feel like throwing in the towel and just filling out the application to be on Hoarders (your cats will like being on TV). But before that ink is dry, here are 17 date outfit ideas:

  1. Sweet and Sequined. Dark denim jeans, a white tank top, sequined cardigan, hoop earrings, and black or brown ballet flats.
  2. Fresh and clean. White jeans, white t-shirt, white blazer, diamond stud earrings, nude heels.
  3. Sex kitten. Red jeans, black lace top, and black heels.
  4. Leggy secretary. Tie blouse, black shorts, and black wedges.
  5. Feminine in leather. White sheer blouse, white tank top worn underneath, black leather skirt, black heels.
  6. Peasantly happy. Wear a peasant/hippie style dress with black or brown cowboy boots.
  7. Chic Equestrian. Long top, coordinated Party Lingerie Dresses scarf, leggings, and black riding boots.
  8. Parisian Chic. Black pencil skirt, turtleneck, print scarf, and black heels.
  9. Plaid and grunge. Long plaid flannel shirt, black leggings, black riding boots.
  10. Woman in red. Red sheath dress, denim jacket, and red heels.
  11. Black cowboy. Denim shirt, black jeans, and black ankle boots.
  12. Preppy and proud. Red jeans, white button up blouse, black belt, black cardigan, red or black headband, pearl earrings, and black ballet flats
  13. Military chic. Military style army green jacket, white t-shirt, black jeans, aviator watch, and black ankle boots
  14. Beach bum and proud. Tank t-shirt dress, cross body handbag, and espadrilles
  15. Glittery in gold. White wrap dress, gold clutch purse, gold bracelets, and gold heels.
  16. Lace and denim. Ivory lace skirt, denim blouse, belt tied around the blouse, and nude heels
  17. Sexy spy. Tan trench coat, red heels, and nothing underneath – maybe you should save this outfit for the 10th date!

See there are many date outfit ideas, so no need to worry about what to wear. Learn to enjoy the waters of the dating pool. Learn to go with the flow. Just whatever you do, don’t go towards the light. It only leads the way to catnip, scratching posts, and uploading numerous cat videos to YouTube – if you can find your computer underneath the aluminum cans and newspapers you are hoarding.

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