I have been investing in real estate for over 10 years and when the topic comes up in conversation, people always ask the same question – “How did you get started”?

The answer is books – to be more specific, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I was fresh out of college, working as a software consultant, when a more senior colleague/mentor recommended that I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He said to me, “If I were your age, THIS is what I would be doing”. A few weeks later, while stuck at the Buffalo airport, in a snow storm, I read the book cover to cover. From a financial standpoint, my thought process was forever changes.

Here are a few other books I recommend – to anyone looking to get started in RE investing:

– Investing in Real Estate, by Andrew J. McLean and Gary W. Eldred – This book provides a more in depth look at real estate investing – examples of deals, issues which may occur throughout the purchase/ownership process, etc. In my opinion, the authors do a very good job of walking you through various sample transactions. The focus here is on fundamentals – long term wealth accumulation via the Buy & Hold approach. This book will not teach you how to do short sales, lease options or some of the other, more involved scenarios; however, it will provide great insight into basic real estate investing practices.

– Landlording on Autopilot, by Mike Butler – for anyone looking to understand property management (even if you plan on hiring someone, it is important to know good strategies), this is an excellent book. Mike developed some great methods for streamlining the PM process – which is critical – particularly when you start to accumulate a multiple properties. It can be the hardest part of the business – but if you start out right, you can prevent a lot of headaches.

– Loopholes of the Rich, by Diane Kennedy – Another book within the Rich Dad series – Diane gives a great, easy to understand, perspective on the tax advantages and legal (company structures, etc.) that should be considered when investing in White label crowdfunding software Singapore real estate. Just as important as learning how to get the money coming in is learning how to keep it! This book is a great starter for understanding those strategies.

– Grow Rich with the Property Cycle, by Kieran Trass – This book was a more difficult read (for me anyway) but the perspective is priceless. It describes the various stages within the property cycle and how to make money in each phase! It may sound as if what we are experiencing in the current economy is something which has never been seen before. While that may be true – with regard to the exact cause – it is certainly not the first time our markets have seen a similar recession/depression. The most important thing is to understand where you are in the property cycle and how to best take advantage. I read this book once every few years.



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