Choosing the materials for your new driveway requires both practical and creative decisions. On one hand, you have to use material that can handle the daily wear and tear as well as any seasonal problems, such as extreme winters or heavy monsoons. At the same time, you want your new driveway to look great and add value to your home! In this article, we look at concrete pavers as a potential material for your own driveway.

Installation and durability

Concrete paving stones are small concrete blocks designed to Block Paving with each other. This makes it easier to install as they can follow the curves of your driveway. Awkward corners can be covered with smaller pieces of concrete pavers, just like with floor tiles. If you want to cut down on labor cost or simply enjoy DIY, concrete pavers make a good choice.

The interlocking design also makes them very durable, since there is some flexibility to handle heavy loads. This is also useful in extreme climates, where heat makes the paving stones expand a little, while cold makes them contract. Compare this to asphalt or poured concrete driveways, where the single large block can buckle and crack under regular stress.

Designing with concrete pavers

An attractive and well-maintained driveway can add some real dollars to your property value, so it is always a worthwhile expense. Concrete pavers can really let you get creative, since they come in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures. You can choose to have a driveway that is made of just one type of concrete paving stones, or create your own unique pattern with two or more different styles! With a bit of imagination, you can actually get a driveway that perfectly matches your home dΓ©cor and landscape layout.

Cost and availability

Concrete paving stones are easily available, though you may need to search a bit to find an uncommon pattern or style. As you can expect, prices depend on the size, shape, and design of the paving stones. In general, they do cost more than traditional driveway materials such as concrete slabs. However, the long-term maintenance cost is lighter, since they prove to be more durable. In case of any damage, you only need to change one or two paving stones, not whole sections of the driveway.

Final decision

Concrete pavers can certainly do the job when it comes to installing your new driveway. However, you may want to make a few enquiries with local dealers to make sure your budget works with this material.

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