When you move into a new home, even in balmy mid-summer, its worth checking over the boiler and central heating system. The last thing you want is your move spoiled by not having any hot water or the heating won’t fire up. Below are some handy hints on how to make sure all is OK. In general our advice is to get a boiler service and a gas safety check.


  • Hire a local Gas Safe registered local plumber to come and do your boiler servicing. Inform them that you want them to service your boiler every year and for the local plumber to be your first call in any plumbing emergency. Ask your local plumber or heating engineer to give you a summary of the health of your boiler, and to inform you of any future problems that might occur. And here is our top tip, ask the engineer to explain to you how to operate the boiler, the programmer, the wall thermostats etc. And if you are not sure – make Notes! – write it down.
  • Make a note of the instructions, the Plumber Narellan Vale or heating engineers contact details, the model and make of the boiler and keep all somewhere safe and handy. So you your family and possibly your future guests can cope with and heating or hot water related problems.
  • Schedule your next service into your diary.
  • Get the plumber to check whether you system conforms to modern building regulations, and ask them to check all the gas appliances. Perhaps some are old and unused and could be safely removed.
  • Ask the plumber to tell you where the main water tap for the house is, in case of a burst pipe or other catastrophe
  • For your own peace of mind you may wish to commission a gas safety check of the whole house. This will cost about Β£70 but is probably well worth it.


If your boiler is a modern combination boiler, or “combi”, you may be required to top off the water pressure in the system from time to time. Ask your local plumber to show you how to operate the filling loop valves and read the water pressure gauge. Again its probably best to makes some notes and keep them somewhere handy.


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