While deer hunting, it can seem like time can drag on and on. After all, it is not like you can entertain yourself with a handheld DVD player or even a radio like we do in the “real world.” It is just you and nature, and nothing in between. A hunter must find a way to make all parts of deer hunting, not just the tracking and shooting parts, interesting.

A hunter may start to feel like a guard outside of Buckingham Palace: unable to move, no matter what insect or creature comes along. No matter the time, no matter the weather. It is very important that a hunter savage axis xp 6.5 does not fall asleep, especially when up in a tree stand.

Falling asleep in a tree stand can lead to great injury. Besides, if you fall asleep, you may miss a big buck, right beneath your tree. Even worse, you might start snoring and scare every living creature within miles away.

So, how can you liven up your deer hunting and make it more interesting?

ยท Music: yes or no. With the popularity of mp3 players, some hunters have started bringing their own type of entertainment along with them. Of course, if you really want to bag a deer, you should keep your ears open at all times. Many people hear a deer before they ever see it. Also, unless you have amazing headphones, the sound is going to extend beyond just your ear. And, as a side thought, some people cannot help but tap their feet or sing along to musicโ€ฆ OK in the city, bad when deer hunting. So, just say no to music.

ยท One way that I stay awake is to stay as aware as possible. I love being in constant check of my surroundings. I focus all of my attention toward finding a deer. I scan the area constantly and I always use my periphery vision. I keep my ears open to any sound. Most times, even on the afternoons that I do spot a deer, I will see many other types of wildlife, and the experience is amazing.

ยท So, even I can not focus all of my attention fully on deer hunting all of the time. So, I start playing games in my head:

o I take the name of a famous person, first and last, then I have to think of another famous person who’s first name starts with the first letter of the last name, and so on. This can entertain me for about half an hour.

o I find a word, usually somewhere on my equipment, and I break it up and see how many other words I can come up with. For instance, from the words “deer blind,” I get the words reed, beer, bind, binder, blinded, dine, etc.

o I count trees or other objects.

o I philosophize.

o I compose symphonies in my head.

o I try to think of an animal for every letter of the alphabet.

o I empty my mind of all troubles.

o I meditate.

The important thing is to only let your mind wander and play for short periods of time. Then focus your attentions on your surrounding until you need another mind break.

For some people, deer hunting is monotonous. But then there are those of us who love the calmness and “boringness” of deer hunting. All of the waiting is worth it, just for those thrilling few moments of spotting and shooting a deer.

Besides, after a weekend of deer hunting, I feel rejuvenated. The time spent alone in the wild clears my head of all stresses. I sit and think about and solve almost all of my problems of the previous year. I learn more about myself. I learn more about nature. There are few things better for me.

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