Just as an outfit flattering your body shape, sunglasses can also enhance your face.

As for selecting glasses, most of us focus on how they look on our faces. People try on every pair of heart sunglasses in the store to find out which one makes them look best.

However, it’s a time-consuming project. Therefore, it is very urgent and essential to narrow down choice scope. That is to say, learning your own face shape is the top thing you should do before selecting sunglass.

Following information includes basic types of face shapes and features of every shape as well as tips which can serve you to find the right glasses.

1. Oblong shaped face features narrow shape. Usually, oblong face has high cheekbones, a longer nose and tall forehead with a long straight cheek line. For such shaped face, try round or square sunglasses which help make an oblong face look shorter and more balanced. However, choosing small or short frames is not a wise decision because the former makes the face out of proportion and the latter may accentuate face length.
2. Oval shaped face usually is considered to be the ideal face shape because of its balanced proportion. Generally speaking, most frames work for such shape. However, square, rectangular and geometric shapes are viewed as the best solutions because these three styles add angles to soft curves of such face. To keep its natural balance, look for glasses frames that are as wide as (or slightly wider than) the broadest part of the face but avoid frames that are too large are not good for such face.
3. Round shaped face always has full cheeks, rounded chin with few angles. That is to say, width and length are in same proportions. Angular and geometric sunglasses sharpening facial features and contrast with your curves to create a longer and slimmer look are good solutions for people having such face. However, sunglasses with short styles and fringes only accentuate roundness and try to avoid.
4. Square shaped faces have a strong jaw line and a broad forehead with the width and length being in the same proportions. If you want to make a square face look longer and soften the angles, selecting narrow frame styles is a good option. People having square face need a slightly curved frame in contrast to the face. As a result, if you have a square-shaped face, try to avoid types like geometric and square frames for they will accentuate angles of the face.
5. Heart shaped face features broad forehead and wide cheek bones that narrow to a small chin. As for suggested sunglasses, bottom-heavy frames is a good choice because it will add width to lower face and narrow and round frames will soften the forehead. However, top-heavy styles that draw attention upward and decorative temples that accentuate the broad upper face should be avoided for people having heart-shaped face.
6. Diamond shaped face has wide or high cheekbones with a narrow forehead and chin. Oval sunglasses can perfectly soften the contour of the face. Apart from oval ones, square and rimless sunglasses also work for such face.
7. Triangle shaped face has a narrow jaw and a wide forehead. Styles like cat-eyes can angle outward at the top corner and be wide enough to balance the jaw line. You can also try metal frames with rimless bottom or frames with a straight top line.

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