Due to all the stress and anxiety that surrounds us all through the days, months and years, we fail to take good care of our health. This is one of the reasons why our health has been suffering. Several problems have cropped up in our life including digestive problems, skin problems, candida infections, ulcers and many more. Sometimes the effect of some diseases can be severe as well. Though there are medicines for your help, but not all of these medicines can be helpful. Sometimes people also look for alternative options to avoid the side effects associated with various medicines. One such alternative or rather a much better option is full body cleansing.

Chronic diseases are usually triggered by toxin overload. These toxins tend to accumulate in the body due to poor diet, poor lifestyle, stress and anxiety, environmental factors etc. Our lifestyle has changed drastically in the past few years; we hardly have time for ourselves, we’ve all been working for more than 50 hours every week, we get very less time to sleep, we don’t eat properly, we even forget to chew our food and there are so many other issues interfering with our system everyday. All these factors contribute largely to our toxic body.

The sole purpose of full body cleanse is to eliminate all the accumulated toxins from our body so that we feel healthier and more energetic than before. Cleansing helps in combating all the inner causes of various ailments.

Cleansing is not only meant for chronic ailments; it can be done for keeping your overall system clean and healthy. It helps in keeping your transit system infraredsauna and your digestive system clean and functional. The efficiency of all the internal organs is very important for our well being and cleansing helps in maintaining that. Full body cleanse should be done at least once in a year to have a healthy system.
A full body cleansing procedure involves the following:

Colon Cleansing
Parasite Cleansing
Liver Flushes or Cleanses

Colon cleansing is the preliminary step of a full body cleanse program. It can also be called as bowel cleansing. This procedure is carried out first because all the other cleansing procedures can only eliminate the bodily toxins once the colon has been cleansed. If the colon is, for some reasons, clogged or obstructed with substances like mucoid plaque it would prevent all the other toxins from being removed from the body. The toxins would then be sticking onto the walls of the colon or will circulate once again and get back to the blood stream thus creating havoc. Therefore, colon cleansing should be the done first.

After the procedure of colon cleansing is over, the colon is unlikely to get clogged and the mucoid plaque is also eliminated thus giving you a healthy and a cleaner colon which would relieve you from constipation, would absorb nutrients in a better way than usual, would require lesser time for transit and would give you a healthy immune system.

Parasite cleansing comes right after colon cleansing and it is the process by which the parasites are removed from the body. Though one cannot rightly say that he/she has parasites, but this cleansing process is essential for all.

Parasites have often been associated with acne. Parasites can also be the cause of many illnesses. Clinical medicines cannot help you in getting rid of parasites; it is only through cleansing that you can probably eliminate all the toxins from your body. Herbs are often used for parasite cleansing. Garlic, olive leaf extract, pumpkin seeds and Golden seal are the best known herbs that can be used for parasite cleansing.

Liver flushes are the final step of a cleansing procedure and is extremely crucial for the health of your liver. While cleansing your liver, you are also treating your gallbladder. The basic purpose of this procedure is to eliminate stones present inside the liver and the gallbladder. All of us have the chances of having stones in the liver. Some ailments, such as acne, asthma, allergies, gallstones and candida infections are the hints of getting your liver cleansed immediately.


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