Single cup coffee maker makes one cup of coffee at a time. You basically have three options-those brewers that use K-cups technology, Pod technology or the T-discs. But which one should you choose?


This has been popularized by Keurig Company. All one cup Keurig coffee maker models use K-cups. This is bought from the coffee store and comes in all sorts of coffee flavours. The beans were already pre-ground for you and measured and stored in the K-cups.

What is great about this is that the coffee you are brewing is consistent. It has consistent flavour and you would not have to worry about doing the correct measurement. But to many reusable coffee cup enthusiasts, this is the glitch in this technology. The measurement is fixed so it does not allow flexibility of flavour to those people who have a need for a stronger cup of coffee. This is why Keurig came up with the reusable K-cups. You can refill the cup with your favourite flavour of coffee and you can fill it to the brim to make it taste a lot stronger.


Pod brewers are just like K-cups. They have also been pre-measured for you. But unlike the K-cups you can choose from a variety of sizes. There are super size pods that contain more coffee for those who need a stronger cup of coffee. The functions are similar.

It also provides convenience. The pods are slightly less expensive the K-cups but that depends on the brand. There are some brands of gourmet coffee that are too pricey. But unlike the K-cups, there are no reusable pods.


The tassimo brewers use T-Discs. In many Tassimo brewers, they have been integrated with a one touch scanning system. It reads the discs so it will make the same perfect cup of coffee every time. It does all the measuring work for you. You can also switch to the manual setting if you want to tweak its settings which is why this is a good choice for those who have a variety of coffee preferences. With this type of brewer, you can also brew tea, hot choco, espresso and many more. Just make sure you are getting a good brand.

Here are your choices. Find out which of these features appeal to you more so you can find the one that will answer your java needs. Also take into consideration the right brand you are getting.

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