We are here to find the coolest backpack for you. Don’t be overwhelmed with the countless options in backpacks because we’re here to rescue you.

People from all over the world use them. It’s the biggest thing since sliced bread and will continue to take over the industry.

Our mission is to simplify the process for you to not only help you find the best quality one, but also one that’s capitalizes on your fashion sense.

Guide To Picking Out The Right Backpack:

1. What will you be using it for?

Sometimes we might see a cool Exotic backpack that we just want to buy instantly. That might not be the smartest decision. First you should think about what it will mostly be used for. You could be taking it to school where have to carry all the books, materials and sometimes even your laptop. It might just be for a couple of weeks while you’re traveling somewhere new and you plan on carrying snacks, water bottles, sunscreen, and all the other goodies. Or are you a backpacker who strives on climbing vicious mountains and taking on new trails? Whatever your case may be, first figure out what you will be using it for.

2. How much can it hold?

Once you have figured out what you intent to use the backpack for, it’s time to calculate how much you’ll be putting into the bag. A small compact backpack might not be ideal if you are going to be stuffing heavy college textbooks in there. It’s important to be aware of this because you don’t want to be missing items in your bag when time comes and you need it. Be conscious of how much space your backpack can hold so you are not stuck on deciding where to put things. Likewise, you won’t want one that’s too large and take up too much space when really it’s not needed. Too much space can be a burden. Be sure to also check how many compartments each backpack has, large and small. Having too many large compartments can lead to no place to put your small items. Capacity is vital.

3. What is the material?

Another key factor is if your backpack can withstand the test of mother nature. Backpackers know this too well. Rough conditions means that not only should a backpack be able to take the damage, but also your important belongings don’t get affected either. Some materials naturally propel water away while others soak it up like a sponge. To know exactly what materials is being used to carry your valuables is not only smart, but can save you a heap load of trouble in the long run.

4. What functions does it come with?

Knowing the little extras your bag can do is a great way to put it to greater use, as the potential of the small things can make great impacts on both you body and lifestyle.

– Like I mentioned before, getting water into your bag can get ugly. Some backpacks offer certain waterproof pouches or compartments specifically designed for you to store your phone or other electronics.

– Nowadays we have many options for the closing mechanism. There are drawstrings, buttons, zippers, flaps, and magnetic strips. These will affect how accessible your backpack can be as well as vulnerability.

– Many backpacks that come with waist and chest straps are not so that it can look cooler, they actually serve a purpose. Many hikers use them, and for the same reason, everyday folks should also put them to good use. They not only give you more support and stability from the weight of the bag, but also reduce the stress it puts on your shoulders, neck and back. Many injuries both long-term and short-term can be caused by a backpack that’s too heavy or worn wrong. More on this in backpack safety.


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