Shippsy Pallet Service: Shipping Large Items US to Canada

Saving both money and time has never been more important in life and in business than it is these days and using pallets to transport large items is an excellent way to save on both. This article will provide you with a helpful step-by-step guide on how to package your next shipment, and will give you tips on the ways to safely and efficiently transport your next pallet.

Decide what goods are suitable to be palletised

The range of items that can be shipped on a pallet is quite surprising. Goods ranging from electrical appliances, furniture, otorcycles, building materials, and a combination of smaller boxes are all suitable goods for transport on a pallet. Even carefully packaged fragile goods are popular options for transport on pallets. The only items unsuitable for pallet delivery are hazardous materials.

Preparing your goods for shipment

It is important to plan ahead when making a pallet delivery. The pallet shipping quotes first thing to do is to contact the prospective courier company and relate to them all of the details of your shipment; the nature of the goods being sent, and close estimates as to their size and weight. By accurately describing the dimensions and characteristics of your pallet shipment, the transport company can decide if it will be classified as a full, half, or quarter size pallet shipment. This will ensure that you will be charged the appropriate fee for that shipment.

Securing your items to the pallet

Before you begin packaging your goods carefully plan out the order and loading layout of your pallet. Ideally, you need your items to be flush with the edges of the pallet base and as square as possible. Place your sturdiest and heaviest items on the bottom, and work your way upward. You absolutely don’t want edges of the packaging protruding past the edges of the pallet, as this could result in damage of your goods. Also, if transporting any mechanised devices ensure that all oil or fuel is first drained from the item. Another very important point is to use the correct packaging materials; make sure to choose the correct materials for the individual items. If transporting boxes, electrical appliances, furniture, and other related goods, the most common packaging material is transparent stretch-wrap, which is used to bind the goods together and to the pallet. If transporting highly valuable goods, you may also use opaque or dark stretch-wrap. Other useful materials are plastic or canvas wraps, sturdy cardboard or wooden boxes, and bubble wrap for any fragile items.

One of the most important pointers is to make sure that your goods are not only tightly bound to each other, but also to the pallet itself.

Finalise the details of the pickup and delivery of your pallet

The last step to take regarding your pallet shipment is to finalise the details of the pickup and delivery of your goods. Be sure to use a company of good reputation that has the proper equipment and facilities for palletised shipments. Finally, once your goods have been picked up, relax and rest assured that you have chosen the best option for the transportation of your items.

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