There is a certain art form to wearing gemstone jewelry; it needs to be worn with certain finesse. Most women tend to wear at least one article of jewelry, either a pair of earrings, a ring, necklace, or bracelet. If you are wearing a piece gemstone jewelry, you want to keep it to be the focal accessory, so you should either refrain from wearing other items or wear understated other jewelry to avoid overwhelming the look.

Gemstone jewelry, such as sapphire or ruby jewelry, is special since different gemstones have different associations attached to them. Gemstones have many meanings in astrology; wearing particular Aquamarin gemstones on at certain times of day on certain dates is thought to bring you good luck. Regardless of your motivation in wearing this jewelry, you cannot deny that it makes you look more sophisticated put together when they are appropriately worn.

The significance of a gemstone ring depends upon the type of stone in the setting. Therefore, choose a ring carefully when you are purchasing it for another person; you do not want to inadvertently insult him or her. Gemstones engagement rings are very popular and usually feature small-medium sized diamonds or sapphires. If you have a ring that has 10 karats or more, you should wear it on your forefinger. Such rings are generally worn as eye catching accessories to formal events.

You should choose gemstone earrings that complement your facial structure and hairstyle. If you have a small face and short hair, you should generally wear stud earrings with small gemstones. If you have a rounder face and longer hair, you may wear earrings that have medium or large gemstones. Location is the most important factor to consider when deciding what size gemstone earrings to wear; going to the grocery store in large diamond semi-mount earrings is tacky.

When selecting a gemstone necklace to wear, you need to consider its length and the neckline of your shirt or dress; wear a short necklace with a high neckline and a long necklace with a low neckline. And, remember this rule for gemstone bracelets: a gemstone bracelet, like a diamond tennis bracelet, which features many small gemstones, may dangle from your wrist. But, a bracelet that has only one gemstone, like a large emerald, should more snugly fit your wrist.

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