A mainstay of conservative thought holds that those who are too lazy to better themselves do not deserve consideration. It’s a mentality that reflects an ignorance of human behavior, an apparent lack of empathy toward others, and a worldview that includes selfish thinking.

This mindset serves as the rationale for conservatives to vote against social welfare programs that are designed to assist those less fortunate.

It would seem that there are many who fail to connect the dots when it comes to how conservative thought can cover a wide spectrum of social programs. From cutting public school funds based on the premise that the parents of public school students are moochers who are too lazy to make enough income to cover private school tuitions; to cutting Medicaid, whose recipients are looking for a free hand-out and lack the work ethic to be able to afford medical care like responsible citizens.

Sadly, this notion of ‘laziness’ is a misnomer in terms of human behavior. As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as inherent laziness in nature. This is because the concept of laziness is contrary to a basic drive of all living things, ‘self-preservation’ or ‘the will to live’.

That which is perceived as laziness is simply a lack of motivation, which can be manifested through a number of causes. A lack of motivation or desire for one to do the best they can given their circumstances reflects dysfunctional behavior. Something has gone wrong with the normal scheme of things when someone displays what is perceived to be ‘lazy’ behavior.

It might be suggested that a debilitating lack of self-confidence can serve to make one feel incapable of contributing to society. Helplessness and hopelessness could be included as What is the connection between sleep and mood a cause of diminished motivation. Certainly, forms of emotional disorders such as depression would play a part in someone being possibly perceived as ‘lazy’, and therefore not worthy of getting free hand-outs from hardworking taxpayers. Those who have long since discarded the possibility of a better life through a lack of opportunity should also be considered as a part of our society that stands as a target for derision and intolerance on the part of conservative thinking.

We are currently witnessing a President and Congress who epitomize this heartless conservative view of mooching poor people laying around the house having fun while waiting for their next free government hand-out. This thinking doesn’t give any thought to the homeless because they are out using any money they can obtain to buy booze or drugs… they are entirely dismissed.

The truth is that there are millions of our fellow citizens who have simply hit upon hard times through misfortune or lack the opportunity or means to better their lives. These are people who are in need of a helping hand and deserve our compassion. To brand them as ‘too lazy to get by’ is not only ignorant, it smacks of thinking that’s reflective of arrested emotional development and undeveloped empathy.

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