Roof rack tents have been under the radar for quite some time, they were often popular with Land Rover and other 4×4 drivers. They were initially introduced in Africa; the main purpose was to avoid any campers in a conventional tent becoming dinner for a lion or tiger. They have now gradually spread out to become a good sound camping option.

Some of the newer roof top tents coming on to the market can be used on family saloons and estates with a fitted roof rack, mostly though they are still popular with 4×4 owners. A forerunning company that produce these tents is Oasis. They produce a tent with a metal frame and a proofed nylon tent.

It mounts on a car roof rack but uses its own metal frame, when it is unfolded fully the base is effectively a sprung double camp bed. It has a large door each side and an elasticised flysheet in reflective nylon which helps if the tesla model 3 roof rack weather goes downhill but also a reflective insulation is built in if the weather gets too hot.

Roof rack tents are a great idea; if you want to make an entrance into the campsite then this will certainly do it. As they require no pegging and are complete with double bed, you can sleep almost anywhere and you need a grassy pitch to be comfortable. A word of warning though be aware of your car’s weight limit, all cars came with there specified maximum weight limits in the handbook. It is not just the weight of the tent on the top of your vehicle but the added weight of the slumbering campers as well plus any equipment up there. One final important note is you will need a ladder to get up there. Strange but true imagine when it is the dead of night; you don’t want to end up putting a foot through a passenger window now.

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