The chronicle of perfume refers to its wide use in ancient Egypt, Rome and the Middle East. Perfume was extensively used by women as beautification ritual and status, besides religious rituals. It also played a significant role in courtship and romance acts.

Classic perfumes were made using aromatic natural raw materials acquired from botanical as well as animal sources. The finished perfumes turned to be highly expensive revealing the production costs and only the opulent class of people could afford it. However, owing to technological advancements and modern chemistry the classic perfume saw gradual transformation into its contemporary version.

The contemporary evolution process initiated in Grasse, South France and stretched to Paris. Grasse is recognized as the perfume and flower capital as it is steeped in the history of perfume. Grasse offers the finest valentino perfume to all discerning perfumers in the world. Mammoth changes have taken place in perfumery. The art of making perfume today involves creativity and technology. Today, the fruition of perfume has ascertained that they are not reserved only for the privileged class alone. Modern perfumes are available in affordable prices as they are manufactured using aroma chemicals and many man-made aromatic compounds.

Niche and natural perfumers make perfumes in classic style. Big perfume houses on occasions combine aroma chemicals with botanical oils and emerge with novel perfumes. Wearing perfumes is a way of pampering oneself. Men and women apply perfume as pleasure or to express intimacy. However, the fragrance of perfume is appreciated as it has a lingering effect.

Conversely, a perfume smelling good on one person may not smell good on another, and this is due to the interaction between the body and the fragrance that produces a unique scent perception based on the body chemistry. Hence, body chemistry is considered to be a significant factor in creating or even in buying a perfume. A perfume having a good smell on a smelling strip may not be good on you.

Perfume should be purchased only after trying it on your body. You can squirt some perfume on the inside of your wrist and try to smell it after sometime. If the perfume smell is retained, you can get going by buying the perfume or select another one that blends your body. Few things that should be done before purchasing a perfume is that smell the scent and apply it immediately. Its fragrance should be apparent in the surrounding and also should have the ability of lasting longer.

Speaking of perfumes, it is believed that women possess better sense of smell in comparison to men. Similarly, the smell sense is sharper in the afternoons and remembering the smell is very essential. Conversely, perfume fragrance is long lasting on oily skin than dry skins. In general, you can have lasting effect of perfume when the concentration and the aromatic oils in the perfume are higher and heavier.

Following certain guidelines for wearing perfumes helps in retaining it for a longer period. Perfumes have their best effect when applied on pulse points. Subsequently, applying perfumes on the wrist, inside the elbows and behind the ears is suggested. Spraying perfume in the bra cleavage keeps the scent released continuously.


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