Exterior looks of the car are as important as its performance. Better performance and shining exterior gives perfection to your vehicle. Cleaning the exterior not only makes it look better but it also helps you examine the exterior surface more closely. The exterior of a car needs special consideration to maintain the paint, wheel or glass etc. it is important clean or wax polish your vehicle on a once or twice weekly basis.

Car Wash

1. The first step is to spray your car with water only. Spray on every part of the vehicle from bottom to top. You need to start from spraying your car with water thoroughly, for water penetrates into all the mud, dirt and other scum. It is better to start from bottom up. Make sure that you spray on all the parts specially, wheels, mud guard, tires, screens/mirrors, bumpers etc.
2. Now you after the first pray you need to wash the car with car washing material like washing foam. This will remove all the scrum, dirt and mud from the vehicle.
3. In next step, take some tire cleansing material and spray it on the tires and leave it doing it work on the tires.
4. Now is the time to focus on cleaning the windscreen, side mirrors and the bonnet or engine hood of the car. Front hood and the wind shield are the most affected with the bugs and other road wear and tear.
5. Once you have done with all the above steps rinse off the whole vehicle with water again. Focus on the wheels/tires, wheel covers and rinse them with clean water.


Once you are done with washing tesla side mirror replacementΒ  and cleaning. The next part is to dry the vehicle. For this purpose you can use any cotton rag or towel. This time you need to start from top to bottom. To avoid fuzz balls it is recommended to use lint free cloth.

Handling Wheels and Tires

If you want to give shine to your vehicle’s tires, you can use any of the tire shine product suitable to your needs. There is a large range of those products available in the market. you can use sponge to apply tire shiner on the tires. After that, move on to the wheels. Take a damp cotton rag and clean the wheels with the help of it.


After your car wash, you will find some water spot on windows and the best way to clean them is with lint free damp cloth. Otherwise, you cannot those white little fuzzy things all over your car.

The car washing is not a lengthy process but unusual way of washing your car might make it complex. The sense of having a clean car brings great satisfaction in you as a driver. The bright shining car makes you feel like to drive it.


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