Vintage tee shirts have made a huge comeback in the past decade. They have always been a stylishpiece of clothing that let’s you express a some creativity or a aspect of your personality. They have now hit the mainstream and many companies are riding a wave of success that this trend has brought to the clothing industry. Small designers like David & Goliath have made a name for themselves and attracted such stores like Nordstroms to sell their original designs. The problem is that these tee shirts aren’t the product that started the trend at all. Vintage means that they are old, not something you picked up at a hot new shopping mall.

To really get into vintage, you must make something new out of something that is old. If you don’t happen to have a old collection of random shirts there are many places that you can get used clothing and you will save a ton of money as well. A easy place to start is thrift stores like The Salvation Army and Goodwill. They have an extensive amount of old tee shirts that are gym clothes men only a couple of dollars a piece. They also have a good flow of incoming merchandise, so you can check back frequently for new arrivals. It is key to find something very outdated so that it is obvious that you some how got the shirt from a friend or relative. Local elections and celebration are great. If you are male, it is also great to find female geared shirts like Girl Scouts or Weight Watchers because they are very obviously not yours. Another great source for similar shirts are garage sales. Selection is very limited here, but there can be some true gems like previous employment shirts that may have a name that is monogramed on to the shirt.

Buying shirts at such a discout price also opens you up to a business opportunity that many people are trying to take advantage of. You can buy shirts in bulk from thrift stores and sell them at olnine auctions for a good profit that still looks like a discounted sales price. Thrift stores will usually bargain down the price if you buy a box of 100 tees or so. $1 a piece is a decent price for 100 shirts. They just want to see some cash flow. Price per unit is not a a big concern for thrift stores.

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