Β· Why is software testing important?

Β· Steps in the software testing process

Β· What are your options for software testing

Β· The STRONG reasons for outsourcing your software testing


Market research studies show that 40% of unplanned application downtime is caused by application failures or “bugs”; 40% by application errors and only 20% by hardware, environmental factors or disasters. Therefore, 80% of unplanned downtime can be alleviated by improvement of IT processes, pre-deployment testing and complete operations training. But not all organizations have the “know-how” or resources to perform the soft. testing process. This is crucial, but it is certainly not the core activity of most organizations that need it. Outsourcing this process will allow a company to focus on it’s core activities while soft. testing experts can handle the work proficiently, ensuring quality results. The company will save time and money on a process that would otherwise be too tedious and exhausting if performed internal.

Why is software testing important?

Is an essential and vital phase of any software Test Automation Company development project. Developers and testers must ensure that newly developed products meet practical and performance requirements and that those products are reliable to operate consistently under every circumstance. The risks of launching a product that is not yet fully prepared are greater now than ever before because of the change in expectations and demands of the end users.

A continuous approach to quality, initiated early in the software lifecycle, can lower the cost of completing and maintaining the software significantly. This greatly reduces the risk associated with deploying poor quality software.

Briefly, the main improvements that come with deploying soft. testing and highlight the generally quoted reasons for testing are:

– Save time and money by identifying defects early

– Avoid or reduce development downtime

– Provide better customer service by building a better application

– Know that users’ requirements are satisfied

– Build a list of desired modifications and enhancements for later versions

– Identify and catalog reusable modules and components

– Identify areas where programmers and developers need training

Steps in the software testing process

Providers focus primarily on evaluating product quality, which is realized through the following core practices:

– Find and document defects in software quality.

– Advise on the perceived software quality.

– Validate and prove the assumptions made in design and requirement specifications through concrete demonstration.

– Validate that the software product works as designed.

– Validate that the requirements are implemented appropriately.

A good test effort is driven by questions such as: How could this software break? In what possible situations could this software fail to work predictably? Soft. testing challenges the assumptions, risks, and uncertainty inherent in the work of other disciplines, and addresses those concerns using concrete demonstration and impartial evaluation.

What are your options for software testing

Independent testing denotes the test design and implementation most appropriately performed by someone who is autonomous from the team of developers. This means that the results will be impartial and reflect an objective view of product’s capabilities.

But though company literature boasts the tremendous time and money saving features of outsourcing soft. testing – while stressing high quality work you can count on – one should decide clearly whether it is really beneficial to outsource software testing.

How can you decide if it makes sense to outsource soft. testing? You’ve got to begin by carefully analyzing your needs as they relate to this critical phase of software development. Soft. testing means many things to many people. The main objective is to ensure the software functions as specified before going into production. But it also means making sure the software is intuitive and easy to use.

Before you make the decision to outsource soft. testing, it’s important to clarify what you want from the outsourcing company. As their popularity grows, so do the services these companies provide. Many also provide software design services. Or, they will plan, but not implement a software testing process for your organization. And they will even send individuals to your site to takecare of integrating the soft. testing tools you purchase with your hardware. In general, regardless of your exact soft. testing needs, if you’ve got the money to pay for it, you’ll find an outsourcing company willing to do it.

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